BacKstop, Pump, Wiffle® Bat and 3 Wiffle® Balls (Baseball Size)

BacKstop, Pump, Wiffle® Bat and 3 Wiffle® Balls (Baseball Size)

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The BacKstop is a one-piece, portable, inflatable, backstop, strike-zone, catcher and umpire. The BacKstop is made of a spacious pitch-receiving surface with a cut out strike-zone backed by a catch-net. No more arguing calls and chasing balls - just more fun. Set up and breakdown have been reduced to simple inflation and deflation. The BacKstop plays well with any hardball substitute. It's vast surface area and defined strike-zone keep game-play action-packed and flawlessly officiated. Play at the tailgate party, on the beach, at the playground, in the park or in the backyard and the BacKstop brings the improved game-pace and perfect officiating desired by the Hall of Famer in all of us!

In addition to The BacKstop and included hand-pump, this package comes complete with a Wiffle® Bat and three Wiffle® Balls.

The Wiffle® Ball was designed to take the place of baseball, stickball and softball for boys and girls in backyards and city streets. It is made of a tough rubbery plastic – is light in weight and cannot be thrown or hit any great distance. The Wiffle® Ball is also an excellent indoor ball.  When mastered, the Wiffle® Ball can be made to curve, sink, rise, dart and cut on it's path into or out of the strike-zone.

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